How to look after your beard

So, you have finally joined the beard gang and you want your beard to flourish and thrive. One that makes other men envy, a healthy-looking beard that is well maintained is the goal for most men. We can’t deny a resplendent beard, is attractive to the eye. Not every man is blessed with such follicular strength! Maintaining a beard is not as easy as it looks, it takes work and dedication. Beard care is like looking after your hair, for it to look how you want it you must put the work in. Treat your beard with the same devotion as you would treat your hair. We share a few beard tips that will help to keep your beard looking neat and most importantly in great shape.

Tip One:

This probably sounds like a no-brainer but matching your beard to your face shape will complement your face. Your beard will look much more defined and you’re likely to have a beard that will suit you!

Tip Two:

Trimming is a must; you know how we put in the work to trim our hair every few months you must do the same with your beard. This will prevent flyways and ghastly split ends (not a good look!) If you are going for a full-on beard, we are talking Basketball player James Harden style you will need to trim your hair on an occasional basis. It will also keep your hair looking healthy and likely to grow the way you want it.

Tip Three:

Incorporate washing and conditioning your beard in your regime, this is extremely important as food can get stuck under. How many times, you wash your beard is entirely up to you however we will advise washing your beard on a frequent basis can strip off its natural oils and cause it to dry. Once a week should be sufficient.

Tip Four:

The next on the agenda, are beard balms. A beard balm functions as a leave in conditioner, conditioning and softening the beard, the right beard balm will contain shea butter, sunflower oil to help condition and beeswax to seal in moisture.

Tip Five:

The right beard oil will help your beard grow, make it supple and work wonders. Nourishing ingredients such as argan oil and jojoba oil will keep your skin feeling soft and refreshed. It can also keep it hydrated and healthy. Beard oil is lighter in consistency and easily can be absorbed into the skin. Did we mention? It is great for styling the beard. Our new collection of oils which can be found on the website will help your beard to grow.

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