Shea Glow (Whipped Shea Butter) 120ml

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Soft Creamy handmade organic, natural toxic free packed with Antioxidants, Vitamins A, Vitamins C to make your skin glow
Nourishing full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins, it is exactly what your skin needs Made from a blend of non-comedogenic oils and butter plant based.
Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Aloe Vera (barbadensis Gel)
100% Natural Vegan
Shea Butter has significant levels of vitamins A and E it promotes strong antioxidant activity.
This product is all purpose, face, body and hair 
Sweet Almond Oil.
Reduces the appearance of scars and stretch masks.
Argan Oil.
Threats variety of skin conditions, has anti ageing effects.
Grapeseed Oil.
Protects skin from sun damage.
Aloe Vera.
Boost skin cell reproduction
Suitable for all skin types, Please do keep in mind that in warmer climates your natural body butter may become quite soft, if this happens.. just store it a cool place or the fridge to solidify

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Lemongrass, Naroli, Rosemary, Sweet Orange, Unscented, Vanilla

3 reviews for Shea Glow (Whipped Shea Butter) 120ml

  1. Ruhi

    This product smells amazing ! It is delicate and perfect for my skin. I’m incredibly happy with this purchase and will recommend to anyone x

  2. Sharlene

    So I got the sweet orange scented one. It’s not over powering at all which I love. I was surprised by how solid it is then when heated in your hands it literally melts like butter. It feels so nice on and no sticky feelings after either which you get with other brands!! I love it

  3. Amore

    This is unreal, it is so important to moisturise – my skin is so smooth and the smell is so good!

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